Bugfix test on Sokol testnet (step 2)

Dear sokol validators,

As a continuation of the Bugfix test on Sokol testnet (step 1) please create and vote on the second ballot with the following parameters:

 - ballot type:       Modify Proxy Contract Ballot
 - proposed address:  0x8b9d5d1ffe3394eda2abbd2ddee417a1d743b44f
 - contract type:     RewardByBlock

Contract type RewardByBlock became available for voting after the ballot from step 1 had been approved.

The new ballot would update existing implementation of Reward By Block contract with https://blockscout.com/poa/sokol/address/0x8b9d5d1ffe3394eda2abbd2ddee417a1d743b44f/contracts which introduces the actual bugfix as described in a comment to Bugfix test on Sokol testnet (step 1)


After ballot finalization, error didn’t reproduce in the past 24 hours. We will continue monitoring for the next few days.

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