Buy xDai with card terminal in our hackerspace/cowork Progressbar


In our tech/blockchain cowork Progressbar in Bratislava we have ATM where you can buy ETH for cash for now.
But we also have terminals for cards and they have some transactions & receipts api for developers

What if we could sell people xDAI and they could buy some xDAI easily? :thinking:
It’s all about feeling, they can swipe card and receive xDAI on their burner :fire: wallet

First iteration would be centralised solution, where server would dispatch xDAI to recipient


Sounds cool, would love to see this implemented. Lmk if you need any support :slight_smile:


In brainstorming co-op with @rabTAI… flow could continue you can claim xDAI through telegram bot based on ID of transaction from receipt you will receive via sms or email.
Transaction id would be like voucher code for xDAI.
I just need solve that which info is unique only to person which actually paid by card, because terminal is publicly accessible in our space and anyone can browse all past transactions (experimental :D)
5th last digit of card may work :thinking: