Calculated vs. Reported Token Balances on Gnosis(xDai) Explorer

If I am not posting this in the right place, forgive me because I wasn’t sure, and please let me know where to go.

I have been working on my taxes and have been trying to track down all my xDai chain transactions from 2021. I have been using the BlockScout API to collect said transactions/transfers from these endpoints:

When reconciling all the records on my wallet address (0xBAF255E501A3fd76A355Fbe088a5552819bBc6D5) using the endpoints above, all the calculated token balances match the reported balances, EXCEPT for the XDAI & WXDAI balances and streaming tokens (like Minerva MIVA).

Here’s a copy of the google sheet showing the results: xDai Explorer results - Google Sheets

So wondering if there was an issue with the way I am using the API, I downloaded the csv files from BlockScout explorer, and got exactly the same results.

So then I tried using a few crytpo tax sites that supposedly support the xDai chain, most notably CryptoTaxCalculator because it was a promoted partnership promoted here: CryptoTaxCalculator Brings Simple Tax Management to xDai |
But even after it imported my transactions, CryptoTaxCalculator came up with the exact same balance difference for XDAI that I am getting from my manual import.

I’m convinced at this point that BlockScout explorer is missing transactions for this wallet. Am I missing something here?