Can anyone exchange POA for Ether?

Hello, I am looking at using the POA network and I need some POA tokens to get started. Only a few $ worth. But I cant find anywhere that I can buy POA token. Is there anyone willing to exchange for Ether or even Revolut? thanks David

Hi David ,
you can buy POA token in binance and if you want to deploy your project you would better to test it in sokol first

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Hello David
Please post your POA wallet address and I will send you a few tokens

Hello, the address is:


Thank you


Hello David…I sent you a few POA tokens so you can doing some testing on the POA network…I see you have some Gibraltar Community Tokens ? … That looks interesting

Hi, I didnt receive any tokens but its ok I managed to get some on Binance in the end although the process was quite lengthy. I am working on the Gibraltar Community Coin as an idea to reward good citizenship within my community. The coins then being redeemable for benefits.