Can not find POA in myetherwallet?

Dear POA team,
I am so unfortunately sent my POA from Binance to Myehterwallet. Binance end show transaction is completed and have TxID. But I did not see any POA in the myetherwallet. Please advice . I read one discuss this site, but I do not understand “if you control the MyEtherWallet account to which you sent your POA coins you are fine! Just point your MyEtherWallet to the POA Network and your coins will appear”.
How to control … to which you sent your POA coins, ( you mean binance ?), how to point… to the POA network? Sorry, I am new to cryptocurrency.

About the tranaction:

Thanks a lot in advance!
Lisa Tang

The following link is a good guide for using MyEthereWallet with the POA Core Network:

You should be good to go!