Can the reserve and team token addresses be changed before the crowdsale ends?

Our Reserve and Team token accounts have disappeared from the MetaMask wallet. Can I set up new addresses for Reserve and Team token distribution and then change the addresses for distribution in the live crowdsale contract?

No, reserved tokens and team wallet can be setup only once for crowdsale instance. What does it mean “disappeared”? Did you loose access to those wallets? If you saved seed words or private keys or keystore files somewhere you are able to restore them.

I have the seed words for the the metamask wallet. This one wallet was used to create all of the accounts used for the crowdsale contract. Will restoring the one wallet with one set of seed words restore all of the individual accounts to the wallet?

Viktor, Problem solved. Sorry, I panicked. However I did learn something – I was able to restore the accounts in my metamask wallet by simply clicking “create account” and they “reappeared”. Thanks.