Can you bridge ERC 721 tokens to xDai chain?

Hi guys i have some ERC 721 non fungible tokens from a Trading Card Game, I have an idea for a project, marketplace on xDai.

Was digging into Omnibridge which i have used with success for erc 20 and erc 677. I dont know if i can transfer and how can i transfer my Erc 721 tokens to xdai , and can i somehow wrap all of the cards i have like 1000 and transfer all of them with 1 transfer ? Can erc 721 tokens be merged together as a list and then transfered to xDai ?

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Hi! yes, it is possible to bridge ERC721 tokens but you need to write an extension for Arbitrary Message Bridge (AMB): The OmniBridge is exactly one of the extensions deployed for the existing AMB between ETH and xDai. We even prepared an example of the extension transferring NFTs: