Cannot cancel this transaction

Hey there first time here, sorry if I didn’t post in the good category.
So, I did some transaction lately through metamask, and I have one transaction pending that look stuck.

Unfortunately, I cannot cancel it because of “unsufficient balance” but I actually have enough to pay for the cancel fees. I don’t really know why, and it prevents me from doing any other transaction, so I’m kind of stuck too. Thank if you can help me with that.

Hello Dir, no unfortunately the transaction is still stuck on pending, don’t know exactly what is happening.

Hey yes unfortunately. To be more clear, one of my transactions was duplicated. I had 20 GLMR, I did a first transaction successful of 15GLMR, then I tried one of 3 GLMR but not working, then I saw that a second 15GLMR transaction was pending. I should be able to cancel it because I still have 5 GLMR and it’s more than enough to cover the fees. I don’t want to add other GLMR to reach 15 because the duplicate transaction makes no sens and I don’t want that one to pass.