Can't change Tier End date


Can’t change Tier’s date.
After hitting Save button, I get this message:

Meta acc is the same as creator, Tier did not started yet.

thank you.

What is the current end date and what value are you trying to set?

Current date 03/07/2018 18:00 PM
Want to set 04/25/2018 18:00PM

it happens with all dates, I tired also to change only start date, and both.
Always getting this message.

Could you disclose the address of crowdsale?


Could you record video how are you trying to change the date? For me, it seems everything is ok with your crowdsale, if you are trying to change end date of your last tier. By the way, you can modify it with myetherwallet/mycrypto ? Does it work for you? Address of your last tier is 0xcadb8aa63c89689de84b2f8b980c16ff1741ea0a.