Can't contribute using metamask/mew after tier 1

I created a 3 tier, white list enabled and modifiable crowdsale. I can contribute on all tiers using the token wizard interface. I can’t contribute using metamask method signature or myetherwallet on tier 2 and tier 3. It only works for tier 1.

Can someone help me diagnose this problem? I ran multiple different crowdsales on test network but having the same problem each time.

On metamask, the following shows up on tier 2 and tier 3 method signature attempt:
Transaction Error. Exception thrown in contract code.

Token Address

Crowdsale Contract Address

Every tier has different address. Token wizard automatically defines the current tier and sends transaction to the right tier address. Addresses of your tiers are in the summary files you should get at the end of step 4.

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It worked just like you said. Thanks!