Chainbeat as an xDAI and POA analytical service

Hello everyone!

We are Chainbeat, a realtime smart contract analytics company. We provide blockchain data insights that help understand usage and behavioral metrics for smart contracts. Currently we support xDAI, POA, RSK and Ethereum chains.

Using Chainbeat, you can go beyond transaction details to see how a smart contract is performing. With Chainbeat you can:

  • Stay on top of all smart contract usage activity
  • Get real-time alerts for fast decision making
  • Create custom reports and comparisons to unlock the power of true power of data

Here is a dashboard example for “Sarafu” Smart Contract.

Best regards,

Chainbeat Team


Very nice dashboard for Sarafu. Will check it out your service and will make a description on POA and xDai web sites.

check it out @AndrewG , let’s write an instruction and incorporate Sarafu dashboard in a post about them

Thanks @igorbarinov!
Please let us know if you have any questions or if you need additional information regarding how Chainbeat works with PoA and xDAI. We wrote a blog post announcing the integration, if that is helpful:

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