Chainlink wont transfer back to Mainnet

Hi everyone,

A attempted to transfer 120 Link from eth mainnet to Xdai network via the omnibrige, and am having some issues. The bridged link shows up in my metamask, but I am unable to swap on Honeyswap, or transfer these coins from one metamask account to another. They seem stuck.

When I try to transfer these link from xdai back to mainnet, I get a “unsupported chain ID” message. I have an additional metamask account with the exact same xdai network setup and chain ID which works fine.
I’m Confused to say the least.

I’m hoping someone here will be able to help me figure this one out. I’m not ultra tech savvy, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

here is the txn hash


Thanks for any advice.

Here is your tx id

You have to add a custom token on xDai Chain. The addresses of token contracts on both chains are different.

It looks like proper xDai Link address has been added. The coins appear in the assets column, but I’m still unable to transfer them.

When I select the Link in metamask, it says “Failed Transfer and Call” in the transaction history. I attempted a retry, but no change.

Any suggestions? Thank you for help.

did you try to move LINK on xDai tokens using OmniBridge ?

I did move the coins through the OmniBridge, and have done so several times with other coins without issue.

I found the solution to my problem! My metamask account was linked to my Trezor T.

Xdai transfers are not supported on the most recent firmware update 2.34. I downgraded my Trezor T firmware to 2.30 and have full access to the tokens once again.

A number of people have had this issue, but this downgrade is a simple fix.

Thank you again for your kind efforts.