Change the date of First Tier?

I am trying to figure out how to change the date of the first Tier and add a Whitelist.

There is no documentation for changing date yet, we will add it soon

is your crowdsale updatable? (option during creating tier)

Yes, I’m pretty sure I left it updatable.

I attempted to get everything setup the first time with a white list, but something happened so I started over and forgot the white list and nothing is set to start until Jan 5th. I’d like to at least get a current Whitelist sale option going that is active now.

Instruction how to add an address to whitelist

What I meant was I forgot to add the whitelist completely.

If you have it enabled you can add whitelisted accounts after you created crowdsale

at any time before you finalize the crowdsale

Right, I just dont know how. Using the wizard to set everything up was easy enough but changing or adding after the fact isn’t very clear.

Yes, we’ll have interface to manage created crowdsales later
It’s not ready yet
You can preview it here and track progress

Would I be better off re-creating everything from scratch?

No, if it’s updatable

Ok, but nobody can tell me how to update it.

Here is it

The new manage feature has been added to the wizard to manage crowdsales from the dapp.

I can not make changes to the Crowdasel information and dates. It has not started yet. I could have done it before. @igorbarinov @viktorbaranov

what is the link to your crowdsale? You can do it only if your tier is modifiable.