Claim Problem BSC to ETH

I tried to send my HIGH Coin BSC to ETH using omnibridge but when I click CLAIM, Gas fee around $450
I cant paid it and I want to cancel process. My High token is stuck. I don’t know how to get back.

Could you help me please? You can see my status at the link below.

You can’t cancel the bridging process now, however, you can finish it later when the gas fees are lower. There is no time limit.

Dear Mojmir,

I need to use this coin urgently. I didn’t know it would be too high fee.
Is there any other way? Can you manage it manually? Please help me.


There is no other way once the first, BSC transaction has been successfully processed. Also, once you transfer it to ETH mainnet you will most likely need to bridge it back since there won’t be much liquidity for this Binance-Peg token “HIGH” token on Ethereum mainnet = you will have a different instance of “HIGH” token compared to the one which you can find on ETH mainnet. There was a pop-up informing you about this when you started the bridging process.