Closed ICO - no success -Please advise


My question is, after the crowdsale closed unsuccesfully, what is next? I still can see the tokens on . Price is USD 0.00. What can I do with this token/coin?
Thank you for your kind answer in advance.




My question is, after the crowdsale closed unsuccesfully

What does closed unsuccesfully mean? Please, clarify

I mean, that I could not raise capital within the crowdsale period. Only one tier was set.

You can increase the end date of crowdsale, if it is still ongoing and you’ve set your crowdsale to be editable. The guide on how to access management page is here.

The price in Etherscan is from exchanges and doesn’t relate to your crowdsale price.

Thank you for your kind answer, Viktor.
So the only thing I have to do now is to continue the campaign and raise the capital?
If it’s raised, can I take it to the cryptocurrency-exchange?
What can I do with the tokens if the funding goal is not reached?


You can continue campaign. After the finalization of crowdsale, if you will not satisfied with the collected funds, you can manually return funds to your contributors. Unsold tokens will not be created - token is mintable.

I cannot modify crowdsale, so I cannot continue the campaign. The Crowdsale page text is active, but no other button. Only the Finalize button is active. Do I have to finalize it? What shall I do after?

If the time of crowdsale was ended, the only thing you can do is distribute reserved tokens (if you reserved them in step 2) or finalize. In your case - only finalize. This is the last step. Sold tokens will be unlocked after finalization.