Coin Transfer from Binance not showing up in Ether Wallet wallet

Hello, I sent 10k POA coins to my Ether Wallet from binance. The transaction is show as complete. However, it still not in my wallet. I know for sure I’ve used to correct address. Any help locating these coins would be greatly appreciated.

Make sure you have selected POA Network in the upper-right corner of your MyEtherWallet. For reference please see the POA Network Wiki article here:

you should be fine. Good luck!

Thanks for your help. I sent 4 other coins to the main wallet address and they show up in minutes just this one still says 0. I will check out the article. Below is the address in sent it to.

You are good to go - checked your address and verified there is one transaction. Here’s the link:

I’m sure this transaction made it to your wallet in seconds! Remember POA network is a stand-alone blockhchain as well as an Ethereum sidechain. Were the other tokens you sent native to the Ethereum network? That would be the difference. Welcome aboard!

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