Combine the xDai TokenBridge and AMB oracles on the same node

Hi the xDai TokenBridge validators!

In order to improve the security of the Arbitrary Message Bridge deployed between the Ethereum Mainnet and the xDai chain by increasing the number of the oracles (currently we have 3 oracles and 2 of them must confirm the message relay) we suggest to utilize the nodes where the current xDai TokenBridge oracles are set to add the AMB workers there.

The current security improvement is important step since the AMB bridge is the key component for the OmniBridge that allows users to transfer any ERC20/ERC677 token from the Ethereum Mainnet to the xDai chain. We have completed the security audit for the OmniBridge contracts recently so with the next upgrade its beta phase will be finished and the bridge will be officially opened. Currently the bridge keeps assets with total value more than 2.2M. The value of tokens locked on the OmniBridge will increase as soon as we finish the development for the reversed OmniBridge that will allow to send ERC20/ERC677 tokens that are native w.r.t. the xDai chain (like HNY or CLS) to the Ethereum Mainnet.

It will require to generate to generate a new private key which is going to be dedicated only for AMB oracles needs – confirm message relaying from one chain to another.

The deployment process to combine to oracles together is quite tricky and will be described later. In order to have enough resources on the node to have combined setup we recommend to double check that it has at least four cores and 4GB of memory.

So far, if you are agree to extend your node to have AMB workers also, please send the address that corresponds to the new private key to this forum post. We will raise the governance call to add these addresses to the AMB validators contract.

If you have any question, write a note below this message.



@geleeroyale/@GriffGreen, @mgarcia/@ArseniiPetrovich and @savdao please take into consideration.

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Will this new key be used with a gnosis safe or anyother dapp? or will it only be used to sign txs with the node?

Oh and I am so down! I would love to support the security of the Omni Bridge

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1/ This key will be used on the AMB oracle node.

2/ For the governance and upgradability, the 6/11 multisig will be used as for the xDai bridge. We plan to switch to it after the onboarding of xDai bridge validators.

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Hey, guys! Correct me if I’m wrong, but according to the article the only thing you need for now is the newly generated public key.
If so - here is the key from the Protofire team: 0x459A3bd49F1ff109bc90b76125533699AaAAf9A6

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Great so that sounds like we will only need the key on the node.

Giveth’s new AMB key: 0x105CD22eD3D089Bf5589C59b452f9dE0796Ca52d


As part of the proposal execution to extend the xDai bridge validators set, the new validator SyncNode was added as the bridge validator.

Supporting the suggestion raised in this topic, the corresponding account to be added to the AMB validators set is 0x19aC7c69e5F1AC95b8d49b30Cbb79e81f1ab0dba.

Mariano Conti who will run the xDai bridge oracle instead of MakerDAO confirmed his participation to secure the AMB operations. The address for AMB validator is 0xdac288df7A6e253578711fdD1BF3cCB877f0F7F9


I believe I have now correctly done the steps above and am running a node with TokenBridge and AMB! But need confirmation :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have sent you a message in the telegram group to turn on logs forwarding in order to allow monitor the state of your node.