Community Charity Execution

Thanks for the community kindness.
I have bought 435.48108 stake

I have burned 435.48108 stake

This is my verified wallet

Please recover my original tx. Thank you for the community and xdai team !


please post the signature here as a code like:

  "address": "0xA84944735B66e957Fe385567dcc85975022Fe68A",
  "msg": "Hello my name is Nikolai from the bank of Nikolai",
  "sig": "0x09394f87cd20d871bae5c439c466eb21d573f149c4c49c3db77929082e66cef550c066f9af3110542dcbdb03eb90e0e317b915655b2d0de2b44aba9784dc5a861b",
  "version": "2"

This is an execution of the proposal which was presented here: Community Charity

Subsequent signaling voting can be found here: Snapshot

Execution from the Ecosystem Fund is here: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan