Community Charity

Hello Stake Community:

It is my honor to be a part of the xdai community and this is my first time writing a proposal. I believe everything happen for a reason and I am open-minded to the community.

I have been accumulating stake this year at exchange and I was trying to attend the huobi campaign recently. So I sent my stake from exhange to huobi exchange. But I mis-paste the address and sent to a token contract address(0x80ab141f324c3d6f2b18b030f1c4e95d4d658778). My transaction is Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan
and the withdraw history is in attachment.

First I want to state that this is my mistake and I am responsible for this. What I am asking is the community to give me a big grace by refund me. My reason is the stake sent to the address is permanently unable to be accessed. It is like burning the stake token in accident. So by recovering me there is no extra stake being minted and there is no harm to everyone of the xdai community but helps me a lot because this is a large part of my hard earned fortune.

This the token contract address:0x80ab141f324c3d6f2b18b030f1c4e95d4d658778
This is the token github link: staking-contracts/DEAToken.sol at ec38af928d07e93139a22ba33ed24b9784ea1e04 · deusfinance/staking-contracts · GitHub
The audit link: Audit - Solidity Finance
Here is the token founder’s telegram account:@Lafayettetabor
And I have screenshot our conversation with his permission

. I am grateful for his kindness.

So above is the prove of the token are gone and my asking is just get back my own stake without taking away any of the community’s share. I believe that by giving out this grace, I, and others in the community can feel more reliable and lovable of the team and our community as a whole. For the community’s great support, I am willing to give 30% of the recovered token (about 300 stake) to be burned by the xdai dev team to feedback everyone in the commuity. Thank you for all of your support.


Hey Soulcode,

Thank you for making this post.

Just to clarify, you are asking for the full refund to be made from the Ecosystem Fund, right?

Thanks for the clarification!

Whether full or partial. Instant or staked with lock-time.
I am open-minded to the community.
Thank you Mojmir for asking.

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And the exchange has already replied if the refund is sent right back to the sent adddress, they can send it back to my exchange account.


Community supported this proposal in a signaling snapshot vote: Snapshot

The proposal was then executed: Community Charity Execution

This proposal was executed and funds were transferred from the Ecosystem Fund here: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

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