Compilation error in file lib/explorer/chain.ex

trying for the first time to set up and run blockscout on a private local network (Besu provider).
I’m facing a bug during the step #7 from Manual deployment guide:
when i run:

  • mix do deps.get, local.rebar --force, deps.compile, compile

get the following error:

== Compilation error in file lib/explorer/chain.ex ==
** (ArgumentError) the following keys must also be given when building struct Range: [:step]
   (elixir 1.12.3) expanding struct: Range.__struct__/1
   lib/explorer/chain.ex:2612: Explorer.Chain.missing_block_number_ranges/1
   (elixir 1.12.3) expanding macro: Kernel.if/2
   lib/explorer/chain.ex:2609: Explorer.Chain.missing_block_number_ranges/1
   (elixir 1.12.3) expanding macro: Kernel.|>/2
   lib/explorer/chain.ex:2608: Explorer.Chain.missing_block_number_ranges/1

Is there any missing ENV variable that I need to set related to this?
Also, is there a proper way to set NETWORK and SUBNETWORK for local private chains? I have set “privateChain”.


It looks like to me you use an older version of Elixir than required (1.11.x). Please check requirements General Requirements / BlockScout Prerequisites - BlockScout.

Thank you, that was the problem