"confirmation" is never triggered in RSK

Hi team, we are having problems receiving this event using Nifty and RSK network (and it works ok with Metamask).
Here I link the source code: efem-crowdfunding-dapp/CrowdfundingContractApi.js at 97aec5f08c2fc6135a372dbaefac921b24e20d59 · ACDI-Argentina/efem-crowdfunding-dapp · GitHub


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Hi @Alejandro_Cavallero.

Thanks for bringing this question up. We’re working on that.

@Alejandro_Cavallero I just reproduced the same issue with MM 9.0.1 (which is published recently). Could you confirm, that with the latest MM version you experience the same problem?

Btw, here is a fresh issue in MM repository:
web3.js: Promise not resolving on second transaction in sequence in v9.0.1 · Issue #10216 · MetaMask/metamask-extension · GitHub. I faced absolutely the same issue.


The issue has been resolved in upcoming MetaMask 9.0.2.

I pulled those updates for Nifty Wallet.

@Alejandro_Cavallero here is the bundle of Nifty wallet with enabled events on confirmation chrome - Google Drive. Please let me know if it works as expected on your side? If this looks good we will prepare a new release of Nifty Wallet.

Yes, they have just told me that MM v9 has the same issue

sorry, I missed this message. Will check it!

Hi @Alejandro_Cavallero. Is any news on testing the bundle?

Works fine! Thanks @viktorbaranov