Connect parity to xDai network failure - SOLVED

I have tried to use the tutorial at

Im on ubuntu linux.
I used the followings:
$git clone -b dai
$parity --chain /home/parity/poa-chain-spec/spec.json --reserved-peers /home/parity/poa-chain-spec/bootnodes.txt --ports-shift=10 --no-warp

But I get the error of:

Stage 5 block verification failed for #10762 (24ed…0cc5)
Error: Block(InvalidStateRoot(Mismatch { expected: 61c067bc4f6d6a75b2608d6e750fe60b042a82f15e17d7156d1c6923e25ce914, found: 0
25f7e2d18a0330b9bb92b47305e64d26fd21f41d2bcda74892898257f698a68 }))

I also get similar error when I try warp.

It gets stuck at block #10761


I had to upgrade parity client to v 2.1.3, and it resolved the issue.