"Consensus by respectable individuals" on home page -- some thoughts


Great input! You really got me thinking, and I keep coming back to your Ethereum comparison. If Ethereum’s motto is “Build Unstoppable Applications”, should Oracles Network’s motto be “Create Decentralized Networks”? It fits well with the current mission statement: “We are building a public network that combines speed, security, and cost efficiency, previously only available to private networks. We aspire to become a decentralized hub for open networks based on PoA consensus.”


Yes, you can draw the analogy that POA is taking us from the world of a single global blockchain network, to the world of interconnected blockchain subnets, with bridging between them, to form the authenticated Internet 3.0, where decentralized services are powered on respective distributed subnet blockchains. Just like every single LAN/WAN message doesn’t get broadcast across all the nodes and is limited to the local subnet unless it needs to be routed, so is the case with POA’s interblockchain bridging. I’m actually surprised it’s called bridging and not routing, which would be a closer analogy (bridges are switches and don’t typically operate at the application layer, routers do). Bridges/switches connect two physical networks to be one by duplicating all messages across, routers reroute only the cross-subnet messages across two different networks.

The only other blockchain effort I’m aware of that is going for the benefits of interblockchain networks is LISK. It’s actually quite similar in that they have the Core blockchain and the sidechains to support specific applications. So much so, it might be worthwhile reviewing their progress/successes/challenges.

Read an interesting definition of blockchain coin vs platform over at https://blog.komodoplatform.com/the-evolution-of-komodo-7043fcd3ebfb. In that context, POA is a blockchain platform.

“How Coins and Platforms Differ from Each Other
Let’s pause momentarily to explain the nature of blockchain platforms and how they differ from coins. A coin simply transfers a stored agreement of value. For instance, sending one ZCash coin today is equivalent to sending ~€200 euros. A “platform,” on the other hand, does not necessarily have to be a coin for transferring value, but rather, it is a hub that connects a network of many different blockchains together. In other words, a platform can serve as the “heart” of a pathway of other blockchain projects, which are themselves more like “veins,” connecting different markets and peoples, etc.”

Komodo (previously BitcoinDark) seems to be another blockchain platform, with the key feature being state of art privacy. POA seems to be the opposite of Komodo in that we KYC contributors and offer no more privacy than ETH.

P.S. Interestingly enough they are claiming the first ever distributed ICO (https://blog.komodoplatform.com/the-decentralized-ico-platform-9a3291b5cfa3), while POA’s ICO Wizard has been around for some time.

What does being highly paid and highly educated have to do with personal honor and integrity? Is a W2 proof of integrity? I’m afraid my lower pay might be a stumbling block LOL. Interesting perspectives though. I would add that respectfully disagreeing is good proof of integrity and strength of the state.


this is a fair point, suzon.