Contract call where is etc coins?

My balance of 136 etc, which was pending at 07:00 on 18.11.2020, seems to have been transferred under the name of a contract call. Why did this happen? how can i get my money back?


I have the same problem. I’ve been waiting for my coins for five days.

“Contract Call Success” what does this mean? Do you guys have any answers? Thank you!

my receipt ethereum classic this pending 3 days still fell in my coinbase wallet solve this problem please thanks

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My ETC sent from atomic wallet to Ledger nano Address. Blockchain Hash says successful but ETC shows 0 balance in my Ledger nano wallet. Please help fix.

HASH : [date=2020-11-28 timezone=“America/Los_Angeles”]0x33f6b338d554359905ea20e99ff9e17391e50ab4dc83f4cc0613bc2067ec7aa5

I opened the subject. I found the source of the problem and the solution. Since etc coin was attacked in August, exchanges have pushed their network confimation limits very much higher. example poloniex 595000 wants network confirmation to reflect the balance to your account. this takes about 3-4 months. There is nothing we can do but wait. not every stock market has increased this much. example biance is trading in 15 minutes. calm down. coins will come to our hands, it will only take time.

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I have the same problem, how do we fix it

i have te same
but do you get the coins

Yes all coins is coming but maybe 3 months.

oke thanks for your help

Hi, i need help
Necesito ayuda con una transacción por error realice con ETC y la necesitaba con ETH, alguien puede ayudarme ?

Sorry, we don’t support ETC here. You should find help somewhere else.

did you have your problem solved? happened to me in almost 2 thousand us

Did you have your problem solved?