[Core Proposal] Alexey Emelyanov Ballot for Core Keys on Sat. March 3, 2018

Hello Validators,

I would like to announce my intent to create a Ballot to add Alexey Emelyanov ( @alexem ) 3 Validator keys to the Core Network on Saturday March 3, 2018 with a 3 day voting period ( 72 hours ).

I have reviewed his qualifications and believe he has met all requirements to join the Core Network I reached out to Alexey regarding requirements and expectations of a Validator, more specifically he has participated in Governance on Sokol and stepped up his participation on both the forums and the Telegram channels.

I found him to be responsive, measured and thoughtful in his communication style and feel his technical background, interests and personal attributes would be a value add to the Core network.

I would now like to invite Alexey to make a statement to the community regarding his candidacy as a Core Validator.

I also invite other Validators to post questions/comments regarding Alexey’s candidacy.

Also, please leave any comments/concerns about the timing or duration of the Ballot.

As per: Alexey Validator Infro

  • Notary License: 197023
  • Expiration: 12/31/2021

Confirmation of Alexey’s Notary Info from WA State Licensing can be done: here

John LeGassic


Hello John, Validators, Team,

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Core Validators team expansion. I am glad to be able to help the project and fellow Validators by bringing my experience both software and blockchain.

PoA is a great project with a huge potential and many real life applications and I am eager to help explore that territory and advocate for the better tomorrow with the help of the safe, fast, and transparent decentralized platform.

Happy to answer any questions and more importantly happy to bring immediate impact on the project’s success.


Alexey Emelyanov


Hello everyone,

Like John (@jlegassic), I can attest to the fact that Alexey always has thoughtful and new ideas to bring to the table. He has shown proficiency as a validator on the Sokol Testnet, and I would fully trust him as a validator on the Core Mainnet. I fully support Alexey’s candidacy to become a Core Validator.

Hello Alexey,

What potential real life application for POA Network are you most interested in personally?

Best regards,
Rocco Mancini


Hi Rocco,

Thank you for the reply and the question.

There are simply too many of the potential applications, besides what POA team is currently actively working on (scalability and bridging) I can highlight one of the most obvious for me – electoral voting. Ideally on the federal level and beyond :), but voting of any scale can find a good use of this platform. Decentralized identity verification that will fit perfectly with voting. Supply chain, from small to a global scale. Here is a great article describing a specific current problem. One might say I am aiming too high, but that’s the goal, once proved effective on the smaller scale, there is always the next step.



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I think the link to my notary license page has changed (most likely on the server side, the request ID) and it points to a wrong notary license. However my license can be easily verified on the same page using the credentials abode.


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Thanks for the heads up.

I updated link to point to the query page ( https://fortress.wa.gov/dol/dolprod/bpdLicenseQuery/ )