Could i return my ETC if..?

Hello, dear community. I’m newby here and just want to get a solution for an accident. Glad to meet your attention)
The case is:

  1. I had few ETC in ETC-network within my wallet: 0x0831b57b7a71debed10f12981351d2396a5bd53e.
  2. By mistake I sent in into my BSC-wallet with address: 0xfB2a837B9de396C601FBFBfEfFf7C47e034a604D. The TxID: 0x56f7e536348926018b3fc89840690ca6a91a7793294b0b9421380c98aba781b6.
  3. Now theese ETC are in wallet: 0x8917e8df9170ccd6acd56e806cfe38e54284b093.

I got questions blow:

  1. What is the address 0x8917e8df9170ccd6acd56e806cfe38e54284b093, which contains my sent ETC for today?
  2. Is there any method let me to return my money?

Guys, I’d be really thankful for your answers! But please, don’t try to ask me give you my creds or the same :slight_smile: