Coverted tokens not appearing in MetaMask

Here are the steps I have taken:

  1. Created XDAI Network in MetaMask.
  2. Used UniSwap to purchase XDAI-STAKE with ETH.
  3. As I want to use on HoineySwap, I needed to convert the XDAI-STAKE to the XDAI network. I did this unit OmniBridge.
  4. It took sometime but the transaction eventually went through. Tx Id: 0xf76997c086d1c2913b629131b2e0cc49ad09cb19d930ea637e57a49ce22d2467

However my tokens do not appear on MetaMask at all, so how can I use them? I have XDAI, STAKE and DAI in the XDAI Network area in MetaMask and all balances are zero.

Can anyone assist with my query?

As you can see here: AMB Live Monitoring the transaction to mint the STAKE tokens on the xDai chain was executed successfully: Transaction 0x8431f42b022e62acf26fe5ea8ecd903e9cbdd7f28dfb5e38d1493b9e147e99ef - xDai Explorer.

It means that in order to have your tokens appeared in MetaMask you need to add them manually since the address of the token in the xDai chain is not the same as the address of the token in the Ethereum Mainnet.

Go to the STAKE token page in Blockscout: STAKE on xDai (STAKE) - xDai - BlockScout and press the fox icon there. It is the simplest way to add the tokens located in xDai to MetaMask.

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سوف اقوم بي الاضافه يدويا

Thanks for that. I assumed it was something like that. :slight_smile: