Crowdsale first tier has ended but price did not change to second tier price

Our crowdsale first tier has ended, the second tier should have started. But the token price did not change to the second tier price. Still showing first tier price.
Please advise.

Hello, what is your crowdsale address?


Your 2nd tier is not started yet. It will start in 17 hours. The price will be updated when your 2nd tier will start.

I see. What is the time zone that was applied when our contract was created?

Local timezone is used for dates in Token Wizard

Noted. Thanks for your help.

One last question: When I sign in to my token wizard account I still get the message that I have an undeployed project, even though it is already live. Is it okay to click “resume” then click the “publish” button again even though the crowdsalse is already live? This way I could sign in to my account to select the contract and go to the live crowdsale screen.

If your crowdsale is alive and you really finished deployment process (all transactions were successful during deployment), yes you can skip.

Should I click the “Cancel” button when it asks me to resume or cancel the undeployed crowdsale. Or should I click “Resume” and then “Publish” (If I click “Resume” right now it takes me to the last page of the setup where the files are downloaded and the two button choices are “Downloiad Files” and “Publish”? The crowdsale address is 0x94F892F0E5957B59c668150578A1c1C39314ad91

Yes, it is safe to click “Cancel”.