"Crowdsale Has Ended" 30 days too soon

The time has come to start the final stage of our crowdsale but the Investment Page countdown clock shows zero and gives the message “Crowdsale Has Ended”. There should be 30 days more to go. I double checked our contract – everything is correct, there is still 30 more days to go. Please advise.

Hello, how did you check the dates in your crowdsale smart-contracts? If you have multi-tiered crowdsale you should check the dates on the smart contract of the current tier. What dates does return your current tier’s smart contract?

Thanks for your reply Viktor. Yes, the smart contract is correct. Actually everything is working okay now including the investment page. Everything is accurate. Not sure what happened. Is it possible the problem is with my local browser (Chrome)? Sometimes in Token Wizard it doesn’t display the full crowdsale page after selecting the contract address – sometimes only the “Finalize Crowdsale” button and instructions displays and nothing else. However, other times it works fine and the full page displays with all the tiers etc .

One more question: On the crowdsale page there are two buttons – the one to finalize the crowdsale and the other to distribute tokens. When our crowdsale ends – is there a correct sequence for these two actions, i.e., which button to click first?


You will not be able to finalize until reserved tokens will not have been distributed. So, the sequence is to distribute reserved tokens and then finalize.

Well noted. Thanks Viktor.