Crowdsale Reserved Token Transfer after ICO not working


I added a crowdsale on the test network with the following address.
50% of the tokens should get released after the crowdsale to
my address. If I Look at the token at etherscan,
the 50% of the tokens are not released.
There are no token holders at all listed.
So this is not working yet. What is wrong there?

Current Account
Token Address
Crowdsale Contract Address
500000000 AAAAA
Total Supply


Thanks for your answer.

I have another question. I did now test with the test network, and have the following

Question 1: I made a test crowdsale on the ropsten network, and
tried to finalize it with your wizard. The crowdsale is over
and it always shows me an error message, that the crowdsale is not over.
If you want, I can send you the source and url. Your wizard always shows
this message, that the crowdsale is not over, but the crowdsale is over
from the time, and your wizard shows it.

Distribution of the coins after the crowdsale to the investors question:

The investors send me the capital to my eth address entered in the crowdsale during
the ico. So I have the balance and the eth addresses, where the capital comes from
immediately, and see, where the capital comes from.

My question is the following:
How are the tokens distributed to the investors?
Is this done automatically by the network?

Does your network create the token addresses for the investors on the new token
with the finalize of the crowdsale?

Or should I do this manually when the crowdsale has ended, to create
addresses and distribute the coins manually after the ico?

Thanks for your help.

“Finalize” button should be disabled if crowdsale is ongoing. If crowdsale is ended by time, you can distribute reserved tokens and finalize it. Anyways, give the link to your test crowdsale.

How are the tokens distributed to the investors?
Is this done automatically by the network?

Tokens are minted to the address, which buys the tokens. If your contributors already gave you ether, you should use reserved tokens functionality, which is configured in step 2 of crowdsale creation.

Does your network create the token addresses for the investors on the new token
with the finalize of the crowdsale?

No, wizard doesn’t create wallets for contributors. Wizard mints tokens to address, that buys tokens or distribute them to addresses, which are reserved for tokens after crowdsale finalization.


Thanks for the fast reply.

I will create a complete new crowdsale, and document everything for you with source
and screenshot, and send you my questions.

Concerning the Reserved Tokens, when the contributors give me ether.
I don’t know, how much ether is bought, but is this correctly as follows?

During the crowdsale, I see the incoming transactions. Ok. I click to the
change crowdsale of my crowdsale, and add for each contribution a
new address with the exact amount of crypto curerncy, that the contributor bought.
I create a new address for each contributor. I can do this once a day for example.
I calculate the amount of the invested money, and add this amount to reserved token.
When finalizing the crowdsale, the amount is distributed. Is this correctly like this?
And then I inform each contributor with his address. I saw, that there is a change

When the crowdsale is finalizing, I distribute the tokens with the finalize button.

Concerning my questions I am sending you a detailed description with the links,
and screenshots.

Take a look to the demo of Wizard: It is a little bit outdated, but it will help to better understand how overall Wizard’s life cycle works.


I did already look at the video.

Now I craeted a new crowdsale with currency and added
all my questions with detailed screenshots there.

The excel file and source is included.

The url in google drive is:

Excel with the questions

Here is the source code

Hello, you don’t need to create a custom node for Ropsten. Myetherwallet already has endpoint for Ropsten. Connect to Ropsten, enter your Token address and ABI of token contract. And that’s all. You’ll see your token info.
And also, you didn’t reserve 50% of tokens but you reserved 50 tokens instead. See your screenshot.

Ah thanks for the fast answer. You are right with the 50 tokens.

I did not know, that I must paste the abi of the contract, and selected
from the dropdown right, but had not the correct abi.
Now I found the contract, and can call the functions themselves, and the crowdsale.
abi and can control everything from there and test from there.

Tomorrow I will finalize the contract, and there should be a new address for the test contributor 0.5 ether tokens bought and the 50 tokens reserved released. I selected 50 tokens and wanted 50%.

Thanks for your fast help and reply.


I had to setup a new crowdsale at the ropsten network for testing as I forgot to export
the keys for the address, and I could not import.

I want finalize the crowdsale, and the time is over, and I get the error message.
The excel file is on

You see, the crowdsale is finised, but I get the error message with the screenshot.


Hello, refresh your management page. You should distribute reserved tokens first and then finalize crowdsale.


Ok, now it worked, I distributed the reserved button.
This created a transaction.

With the excel sheet you see the transaction, but the tokens
are not distributed.

I did setup too a contributor that did send ether to the
wallet address


I recommend you to check all questions in our FAQ section. I guess you didn’t sell any amount of tokens. % is calculated from the sold amount. Also, you will find answers to the most popular questions about Token Wizard in the FAQ section. It will save your time.


I already did read your faq.

The contributors that pay, send to the eth address. They dont use the
buy method with the 0x number. If I am sending ether to an address, I only
send it without a description.

According to your faq, the contributors must enter the 0x into the buy
method as description. The contributors just send the amount to
the address.

If I do it like this, so as I read, I should reserve addresses in the crowdsale
section. I will look for it. I can not create new transaction onto the contract
to create new addresses, this does not work. too. I will look for it,
and test it during the next days, if it works as expected.

I must test everything through before going life with my crypto currency.



I did invest with your button and get an investment error.

Hello, did you have a chance to read ?