Customized Crowdsale Page


I was wondering if there is a way to customize the crowdsale page branding and color scheme. We want to of course keep the POA branding however. We just want to be able to add some customized visuals to the crowdsale page.

Thank You.

We want to keep everything the same as it is, just change the purple color scheme to black greyscale color scheme. And add our logo next to “Hosted By: POA Token Wizard (With Logo)”


There are two options here:

  1. you can put the main link of Token Wizard into your crowdsale page ([CROWDSALE_ADDRESS]&networkID=[NETWORK_ID]) through iframe. In this case, footer and header will be hidden without changes of other colours on the page.
  2. you can deploy your own instance of Token Wizard with modified colours and open your crowdsale from this new instance. The source code of Token wizard is here. And the guide to deploying your instance to Netlify (as an option, or you can choose another cloud service provider).

Thank you! This is perfect information!

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