DAI Sent on DAI network to Binance and now can't be retrieved

Does anyone know how I can retrieve my DAI sent from Ascendex to Binance.
Binance does not support the XDAI netwrok and so cannot retrieve my funds.
The transaction is confirmed but it’s just stuck.

Binance says I will need a private key to retrieve them and I have no idea how to find my private key for this transaction.
ANy assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Sorry to hear this but in this case only the Binance can help you (they have the private key). If I am not mistaken, you have sent the xDai and not Dai, right? Since AscendEX supports withdrawals to xDai chain only for STAKE, xDai stablecoin and HOPR token.

Sorry, you are correct it is xDAI

How can I get Binance to assist me when they are simply refusing? I have asked for the private keys and they say yes if you have the private key you can access the funds. But i don’t have the private key. They do

You said it yourself - Binance has private keys so they are the only ones who can access the funds.

Thank you so much for your assistance. As they are refusing to assist me with this, is there anything that I can say to them to get the support people who are answering my query to do something. I feel quite helpless as I don’t know all the technical jargon, although I do understand that they are ultimately the ones who can help me, but they are just refusing to.

Well, they would need to list xDai native stablecoin. Also, when you were sending it, did you choose ETH mainnet or xDai chain when withdrawing?

I wasnt given an option to choose ETH mainnet. So it was sent on xDAI chain

Right, sorry, I got confused by the header. Anyway, only they have access to those coins now. If they are not willing to help, you will have to wait until they list xDai stablecoin and support xDai chain.