Dai To Xdai Metamask

I have some dai in Metamask Ethrium Mainnet that I tried to convert to Xdai, I have XDAI chain network that i got some XDAI from the faucet in,I used a bridge to convert my Dai, the transaction was secessful on Etherscan but I have no XDAI and My DAI Still showing up in Mainnet but if I tried to use to repeat the the swap but I keep Getting an Error Message “MetaMask network must be: Mainnet” so First Question do I have to revoke the transaction in Etherscan?
and How to convert these Dai to Xdai, I checked the XDAI Chain Network on Metamask and it is setup correctly, Anyone knows a solution to this seemingly inexplicable issue.

You should use this bridge to move your DAI from ETH mainnet into xDai on the xDai chain:

Thank you, I have tried that but now I have DAI in XDAI Chain.