Dai tokens lost because i've send them from via Energy web chain to ETH main Net

Dear community,

I’ve lost 807 DAI coins because i forgot to Bridge them from the EWC ( energy web chain ) to the ETH main Net. Now i’ve send them with my Metamask to Kucoin. The token transfer did go through (token transfer succes) but i didn’t recieve them.

If someone can help me get them back, i will reward you with 200usdt.

Transaction Details


[0x25Fa91FfEBE2405629C50081F6A3340Eb8fd56Ee ]→ [ 0x3862F260e94904aaAe628DdF427b1F662652BBD2]

Website link: Transaction 0xfbdeda80dd85c4f5b006c0c8a42a029a78da6d664e58a994b6b34295e9730c1d - Energy Web Chain Explorer


I am sorry to hear this. Only Kucoin can help you now, you should contact their support.

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