DAOG - An open ended decentralized governance game


Gaming will drive adoption and onboarding in the blockchain space. Successful games will not copy web 2.0 games, but reinvent new mechanics that utilize web 3.0 strengths. Games should also emulate other concepts in the ecosystem to give us a sandbox to explore. 2019 is the year of the DAO. A decentralized autonomous organization game will empower a group of players to employ governance tactics to work together or compete to accomplish a goal.


DAOG will have a nostalgic feeling of early browser-based resource management and strategy games. At first I’m going to use emojis to represent items on the game board. The gameplay will consist of phases, the first of which is open world map building. The game mechanics and victory conditions will be very open ended. It will start with a minimum scaffolding and players will vote in new pieces.

How does the game work?

Below I have listed a simplified version of how the game would work:

  • A game contract is deployed and consists of an empty array of 32x32 tiles. The victory condition is to collect 25 :cut_of_meat:tokens.
  • A few players join and each puts up the 1 xDai buy in. As players vote ‘ready’ a quorum is reached and any player triggers the start of the game.
  • Players are randomly placed. Players build their first and only available piece, a :tent:. This piece generates 1 :neutral_face:token every 3 blocks mined.
  • A proposal is opened by a player to introduce a new buildable tile: :tractor:Farm. The Farm smart contract dictates that you can spend 2 :neutral_face:tokens to build a :tractor:Farm on any piece of land you control.
  • Another proposal is cast to instantiate a new discoverable tile: :ear_of_rice:Crop.
  • Both proposals eventually receive at least 51% :+1: and are added to the game.
  • Players continue to spend :neutral_face:tokens exploring and expanding their land. Some also spend :neutral_face:tokens to build a :tractor:Farm. Some discover :ear_of_rice:Crop tiles as they explore.
  • A new proposal is opened that introduces a tile :water_buffalo:Buffalo that can be built adjacent to any :ear_of_rice:Crop tile. Only one player has crops and the proposal is voted down.
  • A new proposal introduces two tiles at the same time: :water_buffalo:Buffalo and :cow2:Cow these can be built next to :ear_of_rice:Crop and :tractor:Farm tiles respectively and both produce 1 :cut_of_meat:token per 2 blocks mined. This proposal passes and the race to the victory condition ensues.

Possible Layers of Coordination

Maybe two of the players could join in an :handshake:alliance where they have to vote for each of their next moves, but their inventory is combined. They would reach the victory condition of 25 :cut_of_meat:tokens first and split the winnings.


This idea is still early and changing rapidly as I lay out the contracts. The goal is to test out both new game mechanics and decentralized governance techniques in a way where there is skin in the game, but it’s still a game. I want it to be incredibly extensible and open to anyone to create, add, and financially benefit from.

Suggestions and feedbacks are most welcome! What would you like to see implemented in the game at launch? What possibilities of gameplay can you guys foresee?

We are looking forward to getting you, our incredible community, involved!