[DAPP] ICO Wizard DApp


Initial specification for a client side DApp to create a crowdsale campaign of ERC-20 tokens with Metamask. Oracles Network will support that DApp.

Oracles Network. News and Updates #7

Here is our progress on the DApp. Frontend is getting ready, we’ll wrap it in a React app.

Landing page:

Step 1, Select a crowdsale contract
Step 2, Setup a contract
Step 3, Setup a crowdsale
Step 4, Publish
Step 5, Crowdsale page


Added “Invest” page for ICO’s buyers
Added animation on the main page

We have a first open source contributor, Jeff Christian, a member of Silicon Valley Ethereum Meetup, who added React router and navigation to the app https://github.com/oraclesorg/ico-wizard/pull/1


Thanks for the intro, Igor. Happy to help. Little bio as well - currently an engineer at Amazon with 5 years of dev experience across the typical client-server stack.

Looking forward to building on the smart contract side of things.

Anyway, please give any feedback you can. Can you send the files for the animation and ‘invest’ page to me directly or over GitHub?


Jeff, thank you for the intro.

I pushed invest.html and animation to a noreact branch https://github.com/oraclesorg/ico-wizard/tree/noreact

Oracles Network. News and Updates #8

This is beautiful for someone just diving into dapp development, you are a god.


Not sure if that is directed at Igor or I, but it is looking good so far!

Igor, please check the newest pull request.