[DAPP] Proof of Bank Account (PoBA)

One of the biggest concern about Proof of Authority open network is who validators are?To bring more trust to validators in Oracles Network we create a series of Know-Your-Customer (KYC) micro oracles, such as Proof of Phone (PoP), Proof of GitHub (PoG), Proof of Physical Address (PoPA), and Proof of Bank Account (PoBA).

Using PoBA, a validator will confirm ownership of his bank account using integration service and our identity oracle. We plan to integrate DApp with Plaid. The service provides a widget where a user can log in to his bank account. After a successful login, the bank will send back a request (webhook) to the widget backend with confirmations. Plaid will send a webhook back to dAPP and PoBA will record that verification inside a smart contract.

Some visuals of the new oracle:


Can PoBA DApp be used more widely as a KYC mechanism ? Not only to validate validators, but also ordinary users? As far as I understand the fact that someone (as an address) is validated is stored on blockchain so such smart contract can be theoretically used as KYC procedure by other smart contract.

Yes, the data stored by the POA Network Proof of Bank Account (POBA) DApp could certainly be included as part of a Know Your Customer (KYC) protocol.