[DAPP] Proof of Physical Address (PoPA)

“Proof of Physical Address” DApp is an open source version of a proprietary and abandoned identity oracle by Consensys. https://medium.com/@ConsenSys/introducing-proof-of-physical-address-acf54fc95f21


Step one

Step 2

A user can enter his physical address and sign a transaction with his Ethereum wallet, e.g. Metamask.

Step 3

The oracle will send a postcard by snail mail to the user using Lob.com API

Step 4

After the user receives that postcard he will type a code from the card to the DApp and sign one more transaction.

The DApp will oraclize user’s identity.

A user will have this oraclized identity in Oracles Metamask and can sign transactions with additional identity onchain. We plan to embed this oracle to ICO Wizard DApp.

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can I order it? is there a URL that we can use

It is not available yet. I will post when it’ll be available for testing/using.

Validators of Oracles Network will be required to use it for the address of their notary commission.

Modified front page for the oracle with tutorials and animations


Verified :white_check_mark:


Great job. Can we include it into the next newsletter?

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Of course. Permission granted.

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I just came across this idea while combing through the forums, and wanted to suggest that an additional safeguard for this system might be to have the postcard sent certified such that a photo ID and signature for receipt would be required. This might eliminate someone using a neighboring address.

Is this overkill?


I don’t think it’s overkill. Even though state requirements vary we all still go through more layers during the notary process. Personally, my condo building is secured and prevents anyone-off-the-street from just walking in + locked mail boxes, etc. Nevertheless, I know you were talking about the user potentially providing a false address. The core network logs the input address used which could be referenced vs notary information, but your solution would eliminate the hassle and add some assurance.

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