DAppCon 2019: Achieving Scalability on Ethereum 1.0 Through Interoperability

DAppCon is a global conference held during Berlin Blockchain Week. This year it took place in late August, and Igor Barinov was there to present a workshop titled “Scalability on Eth 1.0 via Interoperability”. During the interactive workshop, Igor discussed the difficulties with achieving native
scalability on Eth 1.x and showcased the TokenBridge as a solution. His presentation focused on the different TokenBridge modes including the ERC20 to Native Bridge, an essential foundation powering the xDai Stable Chain.

The workshop provided a casual format where Igor presented a live demo of the POA20 Bridge and xDai Bridge in action, discussed the advantages of using POA based sidechains built on top of Eth 1.0, and took questions from the crowd. By showcasing how DApps can be moved and built on top of POA sidechains through interoperability protocols, Igor showed that a scalable Ethereum 1.0 is available right now.

DappCon is a global conference focused on decentralized applications and Ethereum tools. In 2018, the conference brought together more than 600 developers, researchers, and Ethereum enthusiasts to explore the latest and greatest technical developments and collectively imagine a decentralized future.

This year, the conference had over 25 workshops, with 20 plus speakers including the best developers in the Ethereum ecosystem. Check out the video of the workshop below, where Igor discusses the TokenBridge and answers questions from the DAppCon crowd!

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