Dapps on POA? (games)

I was wondering if anyone knew any Dapp (games) on the network, recently got into POA and theres nothing more exciting than putting it into 0 sum games!

So far I;ve only found one, Great little concept and spread over 3 chains,

Seems to be made by Snailking who has a few games on Eth already.

If anyone knows any others already on POA give me a shout, or anything being created by good Devs. The POA chain looks brilliant for Dapps, hopefully with more exposure more creaters will join the network. Time to pull people away from Justin Suns PR Tron bubble before it bursts.

Hello SlothlyD
This is a list of POA Dapps that I was able to find

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Brilliant, thanks for the reply. Looks like most of the Dapps have 0 playerbase, its a shame with the network being so cheap to use. I did also see Snailking had a second game listed there. Interesting little game, i’ll keep my eyes on the ranking. Thanks.

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What´s happen with DopeRaider…? It is not loading at all and it only shows a circular icon loading all the way…is there any problem?