DDoS of Validators

How exactly is DDoS protection of validators handled on xDai?

Is it up to each validator or do we have guidelines that each validator has to follow?

what type of DDoS are you referencing?

Spamming the validator IPs with a bot-net.
(Not transaction spamming, just a regular DDoS attack)

It seams possible to dedicate a bot-net to each of the 19 validators.

likely IP ddos will be mitigated on the datacenter level
also, validators don’t have open ports like 8545 and can have p2p ports outgoing only or with reserved peers

Okay thank you for the fast response.
So no guidelines and probably a low risks as traffic filtering will be in place or CloudFlare or other services.

Follow-up question:
Would STAKE be slashed if a validator has weak DDoS-mitigations and cannot be reached due to an attack?