Debugging Signature Process

Having issues with a basic ERC20 to ERC20 TokenBridge installation; while everything appears to be working correctly, my token transfers from the Foreign network to the Home network never seem to complete. (I can see the token amounts decreasing on the Foreign network, so the token transfer initiation appears to be going on, but the balance never increases on the Home network.)

I suspect this problem is due to some issues with the signatory and validation process; this process and the configuration of it is not very clear from any of the existing documentation. Help with understanding how the signatures are collected and debugging the signature collection process and the initiation of finalization of the transfer process (on both Home and Foreign networks) would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Paul_S!

How many validators are you using? how many required signatures did you configured for the bridge? Was your bridge deployed between public test chains? Were you able to collect logs from the oracle(s) and analyse them?