Debugging Smart Contract verification on local blockscout


I have setup blockscout to run locally against my hardhat node. It run beautifully and I even added it as part of my template to build apps on ethereum :

But for some reason, verification of smart contract through the “etherscan-like” api fails (even though these same contract deployed on a testnet like rinkeby get verified without a problem on etherscan itself with the same command)

I get an error but without any details.

What is the best way to debug these situation ? any flag I can pass at startup time to have more verbose output in the console about smart contract veirification ?

If not, I am ok with modifying my local instance’s elixir code, but I would be happy to get pointer in how to add logging info there so I can see why the verification fails


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Best to ask in the #blockscout channel in this Discord: