Decode transaction input on private blockchain

Can BlockScout be used on a private blockchain network?
If so, can it also be supplied with an abi to be able to decode the input parameter of transactions?

Its not clear to me if this is possible since the focus seems to be on AWS and monitoring specific networks.

Sure, it can be used with Ethereum compatible networks.

Is there documentation on how to set it up? Could you point me to it?

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Yes, I saw those. They however say:

Note: Deployment requires a robust AWS instance, typically 10+ VPC instances.

I don’t want to set up an AWS instance, but it says “requires” thus my question.

Also where would you specify which network to explore? I’m guessing the ETHEREUM_JSONRPC_HTTP_URL environment variable.

Finally there doesn’t seem to be any mention of including an abi to make input decoding possible as discussed here. Is that possible currently?

The list of supported ENV variables:

And yes we implemented decoding candidates for unverified contracts:

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