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Deploy Blockscout on K8s

We are deploying Besu networks on k8s. The idea is to include Blockscout as a Besu network Blockexplorer. Our idea is to also deploy also Blockscout on k8s. I couldn’t find docs available about deploying in k8s and I’ve seen that the Docker integration is not production ready. Can you help me, please? Is there something planned in the roadmap to fix this?
Thank You in Advance


You’re right. Deploying Blockscout in Kubernetes is not documented yet because we didn’t try this setup yet. Honestly, it is not on our radar in the near future. However, you may give a try documented docker setup to prepare Blockscout image for k8s. Although it is marked as for local usage only, we use that Dockerfile to prepare images of the explorer for some chains.

Thank you for your quick response @viktorbaranov. I’ll try it.