Deploying to the Sokol Network

Hello POA community!

I’m, Mason and I’m working part time for POA on the mana client.

I’m trying to deploy a simple contract to the Sokol network through Remix:

pragma solidity ^0.4.23;

contract NumberSetter {
    uint public number;
    function setNumber(uint _number) public {

I clicked Deploy and set the gas price to 5000 GWEI but the transaction never gets mined.

Here’s a link to the pending transaction:

Any ideas?



Hey, Mason!

Probably it’s because the first tx in a row has 0 gasprice, so it can’t be mined. Our min accepted value is 1Gwei.

Try resubmitting it with the same nonce and higher gasprice.

ah, makes sense.

Thanks @phahulin! :smiley:

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