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Hello POA Network.

I’m doing research on scalability solutions for DApps. I am building a DApp and trying to deploy it on different Ethereum side chains to see how they work and what the best solution would be.

Loom Network has a lot of DEV documentation, so it was easy to port my DApp to Loom Network.

I can’t find any DEV documentation on POA network, so I’m having a hard time to know how to start.

Any advice?

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you can start with a video tutorial how to deploy a Dapp on POA

Don’t forget to submit your work to State of Dapps

Please lmk if you need any help

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@igorbarinov - thank you for sharing the video!

As a side note, when I was learning about POA, I found a lot of great content all around forum. @jflowers has previously shared some amazing videos in a different forum thread. While not videos, @1proof and @Marat have shared some very helpful content / information as well. Many others have done that as well.

I will spend some time this weekend and compile videos and other resources in one dedicated post on POA forum. It would hopefully simplify the learning process for those who are new to POA.

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