DexWallet Guide

DexWallet is a wallet created by DexLab and was one of the first wallets published that supported xDai. The following guide is a tutorial showing different aspects of DexWallet.

Changing to xDai Chain

By default, DexWallet is set to “Ethereum Mainnet” as its network.

Step 1: Navigate to Wallets on the top right to open the list of networks available on DexWallet including xDai Chain.

Step 2: Select xDai Wallet to change the default network. Your wallet should now be set to xDai Chain. In here you can see the tokens available as well a list of transactions on xDai.

Sending and receiving xDai from DexWallet

Once the the network has been set as xDai, the user is now able to send and receive xDai to other users.

Sending xDai

Step 1: Click Send at the bottom of the DexWallet as show below

Step 2: On the next screen fill out the required items including the address and amount of xDai you want to send and thats it! A success screen will pop up showing the transaction has gone through! And thats it

Receiving xDai

Step 1: Click Receive at the bottom of the DexWallet as show below

Step 2: This will present you with your address and QR code which you can use to receive any of the other wallets that support xDai such as Status or Nifty Wallet.

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