Did BurnerWallet send my tokens to an Eth Burn address?

Alright, so I’ve been sifting through anything I could find about what the issue is. HAving issues with StakeBridge recognizing the xDai that was in my wallet. It would recognize the wallet but not the tokens. So I used burnerwallet to execute an exchange from xdai to Dai. I wasn’t prompted to sign a tx or approve a gas fee, yet somehow, the exchange executed (sort of?) as would be anticipated using the stakebridge, with a xdai approval and then subsequantially an eth gas fee approval…The tx sent, and shows on Blockscout as being mined and successfully completed, however, I have not been able to retrieve the Dai on the Eth network. I have indeed read the updates on manually entered the TX has to claim the tokens. I have had the issue once before but it seemed to work itself out the next day. The point is that I am familiar with the process but burnerwallet seemed to send the Dai to a burn address, written as “Eternal Storage Proxy”. When i provide the TX hash and try to manually claim via the stakebridge I get an error "Invalid JSON RPC response: " I have ensured that I turned off https everywhere extension, and all others besides MetaMask…Using Firefox browser on Windows10 PC…
Having read through this forum for a solution, i have followed the suggestions given by support. I will include the information below if there is anyone that assist me in figuring out what happened and what steps to take next? Is this an issue i need to take directly to the dev of the burner wallet? Any help is GREATLY appreciated! Thank you in advance for whomever reaches out first!! Much love and appreciation, Ka