Didn't receive on my wallet

Didn’t receive the completed transaction in my wallet 0x14cde8c230640be57bbacd46b0467054cb9139242b046cacc61fe9cba73265f2

I can’t locate this tx on the ETH mainnet nor xDai. Can you share more info about it please?

Thank you for your time. I will send you attachment and if you can follow up. Thansk again

On what chain has this transaction been performed, please?

Smart chain on trust wallet but the coin ETC transfered directly from binance to trust wallet. I will send you screen shot

I found the solution, I used my trust wallet seed phrase on coinbase wallet ethereum because ETC is eth it won’t appear in trust wallet. Then on coinbase wallet it just appeared the ETC using the trust wallet seed phrase on coinbase. Thanks :blush: anyway for your time.

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